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          30 buckwheat recipes

          Last Updated : Jun 19,2021

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          Buckwheat Recipes, Buckwheat Indian Recipes 

          31 buckwheat recipes | Buckwheat Indian Recipe Collection  |

          Buckwheat (also known as kutti no daro), which is believed to be a grain, is actually a seed of a plant crop. The buckwheat plants are usually 2 to 4 feet tall and grow during the summer. Once harvested, the outer husk is to be removed to get the triangular, wheat resembling, brownish buckwheat. Buckwheat can be eaten as a whole or in its cracked form. It is also sold as flour.

           Stuffed Buckwheat Paratha ( Gluten Free Recipe ) Stuffed Buckwheat Paratha ( Gluten Free Recipe )

          Due to a distinctive nutty taste that it has, it can be easily used in various recipes as a replacement to wheat.

          Being a superfood, it has a much higher nutritional value than other grains and is also great for those avoiding gluten as it contains zero gluten! So let's look at this Buckwheat recipe collection!

          Healthy Buckwheat (Kutto) Recipes

          Buckwheat DosaBuckwheat Dosa

          The main reason one should incorporate more buckwheat in their diet is due to its numerous health benefits. It not only lowers cholesterol, but is also rich in protein, fiber, magnesium and reduces the risk of diabetes. Combining buckwheat with oats and vegetables like carrots, spring onions and coriander, creates an absolute winner in terms of health to give High Fibre Chilas, which you can even switch up by adding your favorite vegetables.

           High Fibre Chillas, Buckwheat Oats Indian Pancake High Fibre Chillas, Buckwheat Oats Indian Pancake

          On similar lines, by combining buckwheat with a little urad dal, grinding it and adding a tadka of hing and green chillies, you can even make flavorsome Buckwheat Dosas. Buckwheat is extremely good for diabetics meaning it does not release a surge in blood sugar levels.

          Due to this quality, switching rice for buckwheat while making simple dishes like Buckwheat, Moong and Vegetable Khichdi is a great idea. With different aromatic spices and vegetables, it will not taste any different than your regular khichdi. Even simple recipes like dhokla become much healthier with a twist of buckwheat to make Buckwheat Dhoklas.

           Buckwheat, Moong and Vegetable Khichdi Buckwheat, Moong and Vegetable Khichdi

          Breakfast Buckwheat (kutto) Recipes

          There are a lot of recipes using buckwheat but breakfast is a great way to incorporate it into our daily life. May it be sweet or savory, there are various options available cook, eat and enjoy! Starting with a twist on a breakfast favorite around the world, Apple and Buckwheat pancakes are delicious, healthy and contain fruity goodness of apple combines with nuttiness of the buckwheat. An excellent and easy way to use these is to make Buckwheat groats porridge.

          Buckwheat Groats Strawberry Porridge

          Just cook the Buckwheat groats in water with cinnamon, serve with milk of any choice and top with fruits, my favorite being apples and strawberries.

          For not so sweet options, there is always Kuttu Pancake, made with curds, chillies and doodhi, which is a great option for diabetics.

           Buckwheat Pancakes, Kuttu Pancake Diabetic Snacks Buckwheat Pancakes, Kuttu Pancake Diabetic Snacks

          A lot of kids are picky about doodhi and do not like eating it. To replace it, you can add grated cabbage and carrots and make them tiny and round to make it fun for the kids to eat. This recipe of Mini Carrot and Cabbage Buckwheat Pancake provides nutrition and taste in one go!

           Mini Carrot and Cabbage Buckwheat Pancake, Low Salt Recipe  Mini Carrot and Cabbage Buckwheat Pancake, Low Salt Recipe

          Faraal Recipes using Buckwheat

          Buckwheat KhichdiBuckwheat Khichdi

          Faraal food is the food that can be eaten during the days of fasting. During the days of fasting eating grains are not permissible and hence buckwheat is the perfect alternate.

          Starting with a breakfast of Sweet Faraali Pancakes with buckwheat, banana and coconut to dinner recipes like Farali Kutto Khichdi. This khichdi is the perfect vrat (fasting) recipe as it is only made with buckwheat, dahi, potatoes and peanuts and flavored with chillies.

           Sweet Faraali Pancakes ( Faraal Recipe) Sweet Faraali Pancakes ( Faraal Recipe)

          Buckwheat Dhoklas make a great snack during fasts and they are also super simple to prepare. just by combining curd, buckwheat and a few spices, and steaming for a few minutes, the dhokla comes to together very well. For a jar snack that is equally healthy and tasty, Baked Buckwheat Puris are perfect. Not only are they easy to prepare, they are also baked which removes the need of any excess oil that is generally used for frying.

          Buckwheat DhoklaBuckwheat Dhokla

          A few of my favorite buckwheat recipes are

          1. Buckwheat and Quinoa Bread

          2. Rajgira Buckwheat Brown Rice Flour Khakhra

          3. Stuffed Buckwheat Paratha

          4. Buckwheat Pancake

           Rajgira Buckwheat Brown Rice Flour Khakhra Rajgira Buckwheat Brown Rice Flour Khakhra

          We hope you enjoy our Buckwheat Recipe Collection given below and would love to hear your comments. You will find the related article on healthy recipes using buckwheat flour of relevance. 

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          Buckwheat Dhoklas
          Recipe# 5282
          25 Mar 21

           by Tarla Dalal
          healthy buckwheat dhokla recipe | kuttu dhokla | high fibre buckwheat dhokla | healthy dhokla - breakfast recipe | with 24 amazing images. healthy buckwheat dhokla recip ....
          Buckwheat Pancakes, Kuttu Pancake Diabetic Snacks
          Recipe# 22269
          07 Jun 21

           by Tarla Dalal
          buckwheat pancakes recipe | gluten free buckwheat pancake | kuttu pancake - diabetic snack | with 28 amazing images. tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes is an Indian ....
          High Fibre Chillas, Buckwheat Oats Indian Pancake
          Recipe# 3546
          02 Oct 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          high fibre chillas | healthy chillas | buckwheat and oats Indian pancake | no fermentation chilla | with 24 amazing images Here, these scrumptious buckwheat and oats Ind ....
          Buckwheat Dhokla, Kutto na Dhokla
          Recipe# 22348
          29 Jan 21

          by Tarla Dalal
          buckwheat dhokla for acidity recipe | no fermentation dhokla | dhokla recipe without fermentation | kuttu dhokla - health snack for acidity | with 24 amazing images. buc ....
          Buckwheat Khichdi, Farali Kutto Khichdi Recipe, Vrat Recipe, Fasting Recipe
          Recipe# 33302
          05 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          buckwheat khichdi recipe | kutto khichdi | farali kutto khichdi | healthy kutto khichdi | with 15 amazing images. One look at this buckwheat khichdi recipe and yo ....
          Buckwheat and Sprouts Khichdi
          Recipe# 33261
          20 Aug 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Buckwheat and Sprouts Khichdi, is light on the stomach, yet filling and nourishing. The aroma of this khichdi is irresistible, as it has been cooked with an appropriate selection of spices. Moong dal and sprouts are a good source of protein, making this a very healthy and wholesome choice for ....
          Buckwheat Dhokla, Faraal Buckwheat Dhokla
          Recipe# 3547
          29 Jan 21

           by Tarla Dalal
          farali dhokla for upvas, vrat recipe | kuttu ka dhokla – faraal snack | vrat ka dhokla | buckwheat dhokla - Navratri fasting recipe | with 24 amazing images. farali dhok ....
          Buckwheat Moong and Vegetable Khichdi, Healthy Kuttu Vegetable Khichdi
          Recipe# 3506

           by Tarla Dalal
          buckwheat moong and vegetable khichdi recipe | buckwheat vegetable khichdi | healthy kuttu vegetable khichdi | with 33 amazing images. buckwheat moong and vegetable khichdi recipe |
          Mini Carrot and Cabbage Buckwheat Pancake, Low Salt Recipe
          Recipe# 22306
          16 Feb 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          Break away from your routine and try this yummy Mini Carrot and Cabbage Buckwheat Pancake for breakfast. It is simple and easy to make but has a wonderful mouth-feel because of the cabbage and carrots. Dried mango powder and cumin seeds give the buckwheat pancake a dashing flavour, which complet ....
          Buckwheat Pancake
          Recipe# 2937
          20 Aug 11

           by Tarla Dalal
          Buckwheat is called "Kutti-no daro" in Gujarati and "kutto" in most other Indian languages. This recipe is a variation of a traditional recipe and is modified to make it healthier by using much oil , and adding potatoes to add softness to the texture of this dish. It is made into a big pancake and ....
          Buckwheat Handvo ( Non- Fried Snacks )
          Recipe# 33317
          16 May 10

           by Tarla Dalal
          Buckwheat is called "kutti-no daro" in gujarati and "kutto" in most other indian languages. This recipe is a variation of a traditional recipe, made by adding potatoes which characterize the softness and texture of this dish. Buckwheat is high in iron and fibre while curds contribute to the calcium ....
          Buckwheat Dosa
          Recipe# 36424
          17 Jun 21

           by Tarla Dalal
          buckwheat dosa recipe | kuttu dosa | healthy Indian buckwheat crepes | instant buckwheat dosa | with 15 amazing images. buckwheat dosa known as
          Stuffed Buckwheat Pancakes ( Know Your Flours )
          Recipe# 33162
          16 May 08

           by Tarla Dalal
          No reviews
          Stuffed buckwheat pancake, we have tweaked a traditional recipe to make it a tad healthier using tofu, which is brimful with the goodness of protein, calcium, vitamin a and folic acid.
          Buckwheat and Quinoa Bread
          Recipe# 42584
          24 May 21

          by Tarla Dalal
          buckwheat and quinoa bread recipe | gluten free buckwheat quinoa loaf | quinoa and flax seed gluten free bread | Indian style buckwheat sandwich bread | with 23 amazing images.
          Potatoes and Buckwheat Pakora, Kuttu ki Vrat Pakodi
          Recipe# 42113
          05 Apr 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          Sometimes, when vrats coincide with festivals, there is a lot of work to do and there are lots of visitors too, so you cannot go on a total fast. You need something tasty to serve your guests and also to keep you energised. Recipes like the Potatoes and Buckwheat Pakora, which are absolutely exc ....
          Baked Buckwheat Puri, Low Salt Recipe
          Recipe# 42660
          09 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Who doesn’t like puris? It is a hard blow to puri–lovers when doctors tell them to go on a diet that omits deep-fried foods. Here is an awesome Baked Buckwheat Puri, which lets you have fun hand-in-hand with a cartload of health benefits too. We have used buckwheat to make this healthy snack as ....
          Stuffed Buckwheat Paratha (  Gluten Free Recipe )
          Recipe# 38910
          06 Apr 21

           by Tarla Dalal
          stuffed buckwheat paratha recipe | kuttu ka paratha | gluten free buckwheat paratha | kuttu ki roti | with 21 amazing images. stuffed buckwheat paratha recipe | < ....
          Apple and Buckwheat Pancakes
          Recipe# 41907
          31 Mar 19

          by Tarla Dalal
          Millions of people across the world start their day with delicious and filling pancakes. Indeed, this versatile snack is one of the most popular breakfasts across the world. Given that we have a wide choice, we need not restrict pancakes to breakfast time. They can be served as an evening snack, ....
          Buckwheat Groats Porridge, Apple Porridge, Healthy Breakfast
          Recipe# 42304
          16 Nov 18

           by Tarla Dalal
          A satiating, tasty and nutri-dense porridge is the best way to start your day, and we strongly recommend this Buckwheat Groats Porridge. Buckwheat Groats is the tiny triangular hulled seed of the buckwheat plant. It is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, and brings down cholesterol and blood ....
          Buckwheat Groats Strawberry Porridge, Healthy Breakfast
          Recipe# 42303
          08 Nov 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          Buckwheat groats are the hulled seeds of the buckwheat plant. The tiny triangular seed is a treasure-trove of nutrients, which you must try to include in your diet. You can roast it and add to cereal mixes and salads, or make a tasty porridge out of it. Perked up with strawberry, a tinge of cinn ....
          Suva Buckwheat Roti
          Recipe# 41746
          17 Nov 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Mouth-wateringly tasty buckwheat rotis flavoured with aromatic dill leaves, this recipe is a delightful treat for your palate and your stomach. Made with alkaline flours like buckwheat and jowar, these rotis are spiced mildly with common ingredients like green chilli paste and a dash of pepper. ....
          Stuffed Buckwheat Paratha
          Recipe# 38885
          23 Sep 13

          by Tarla Dalal
          No reviews
          A typically mexican style stuffing adds volume and taste to these buckwheat parathas, which need just a bowl of soup to add up to a filling meal. Since buckwheat flour isn’t easily available in stores, you may have to buy the buckwheat and have it ground into a flour.
          Buckwheat and Green Apple Porridge, Healthy Breakfast
          Recipe# 42307
          24 Aug 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          No reviews
          Breakfast – it’s a magical meal, which shakes you awake and energizes every cell in your body to face the race that awaits! It is very important to opt for breakfast dishes, which balance taste and health because both are important to kick-start your day on the right note. This Buckwheat and ....
          Rajgira  Buckwheat Brown Rice Flour Khakhra
          Recipe# 42547
          19 Nov 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          No reviews
          Khakhra is one of the handiest snacks to have whenever you feel the need for a quick bite! It is also filling, so you can even take it along in your tiffin box. Guess what, the khakhra also provides a wonderful opportunity to sneak in a lo ....
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