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          Quick Sabzis recipes

          Last Updated : Oct 19,2020

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          Quick Subzi Recipes, 250 Quick Indian Veg Sabzi Recipes

          Subzis are an essential part of any meal. Although there are accompaniments like pickles or chutneys that can do the job on a hurried day, a meal does nevertheless seem incomplete without a subzi to add health and taste to it!

           Mooli Sabzi, Mooli ki Sabji Mooli Sabzi, Mooli ki Sabji

          Quick Subzis for Any Day

          If you understand the logic behind making quick subzis, you never have to go without it again. The idea is to use veggies and ingredients like spinach, corn, paneer, potatoes and raw bananas, which cook quickly.

          If you need to cook in a hurry, you must stock up regularly on paneer, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, corn and green peas. Many of these easily cook in the kadai itself without requiring to be cooked separately. You can then quickly sauté these with a few common spices, and you’re done!

           Paneer Makhani ( Cooking Under 10 Minutes)Paneer Makhani ( Cooking Under 10 Minutes)


          Even in the absence of elaborate and rich gravies, some subzis are very tasty and aromatic, because of the magic worked by the tempering. You can prepare some basic ingredients like tomato puree, boiled potatoes or even some basic gravies, and refrigerate them in handy-sized packs, so you can take out what you want, thaw it and quickly conjure up a tasty subzi. The microwave is also a handy tool that helps put together delectable subzis within minutes, as can be seen in the case of recipes like the Darbari Aloo Mutter Sabzi, which is quite a rich dish but prepared quickly and easily using the microwave oven!

          Darbari Aloo Mutter Sabzi, Microwave Dry Subzi
          Darbari Aloo Mutter Sabzi, Microwave Dry Subzi

          Quick Subzi Ideas

          The Quick Paneer Subzi and Paneer Bhurji are two tongue-tickling treats prepared with paneer, while corn transforms into a Corn ki Subzi or Palak Corn Subzi.

           Quick Paneer Subzi Quick Paneer Subzi

          The Mooli Subzi and Cabbage and Capsicum Subzi are two quick vegetable dishes that can be part of any meal, any day.

           Paneer BhurjiPaneer Bhurji

          When you are in the mood for something more exotic, toss up something interesting but quick like the Kele ki Sabzi, Tomato and Coconut Subzi or the Tava Paneer, Mushroom and Green Pea Subzi.

          Tava Paneer, Mushroom and Green Pea Subzi
          Tava Paneer, Mushroom and Green Pea Subzi

          All of these are absolutely no-fuss, quick veg subzi recipes that must be part of your essential, everyday cookbook! You will find many more such awesome and convenient recipes on our website and mobile app.

           Kele ki Sabzi, Banana Subzi Kele ki Sabzi, Banana Subzi

          Whip up something quick and serve it with rotis, parathas or puris, for lunch or dinner – and get so many compliments that you can’t believe for yourself that it took only a few minutes to make it!

           Tomato and Coconut Subzi Tomato and Coconut Subzi

          Quick subzis using refrigerated gravies

          Stock up your refrigerator with Basic Indian gravies and whip up delightful subzis in no time. Check out our article on Top 10 North Indian gravies and learn an array of Indian gravies.

          Basic White Gravy, White GravyBasic White Gravy, White Gravy

          Basic White Gravy, Basic Spinach Gravy, Basic Makhani Gravy and onion tomato masala are some of my favorite options. Using these you can cook the following recipes:

          Masalewali TuraiMasalewali Turai

          1. Palak, Methi and Corn Subzi

          2. Subz Makhani

          3. Palak Corn Subzi

           Palak Corn SubziPalak Corn Subzi

          Happy Cooking!

          Enjoy our Quick Subzi Recipes, Quick Indian Sabzi Recipes and other quick recipe articles below.

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          Methi Chi Patal Bhaji
          Recipe# 40163
          17 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          This tongue-tickling subzi of fenugreek leaves and peanuts has a wonderful blend of textures and flavours, which is sure to make your taste buds yearn for more. While the traditional spice enhancers like mustard and cumin seeds feature in this Methi chi Patal Bhaji too, the unique aspect here is a f ....
          Paneer Bhurji
          Recipe# 190
          14 Oct 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          paneer bhurji | dry paneer bhurji | how to make paneer bhurji | with 18 mazing images. paneer bhurji is made from paneer, tomatoes, onions, spices and pav bhaji masala which are cooked tog ....
          Doodhi Subzi ( Bottle Gourd Vegetable)
          Recipe# 40541
          13 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Doodhi is a very tasty and versatile veggie, which absorbs the flavours that it is cooked with. Unfortunately, many people tend to think that doodhi is bland. Here is a lip-smacking recipe that will change your mind. Supported by an apt combination of spice powders and pastes, bottle gourd mor ....
          Cabbage and Capsicum Subzi
          Recipe# 35934
          08 Oct 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Quick and easy to make, this dry subzi is made of cabbage and capsicum, tempered traditionally and flavoured simply with coriander seeds powder and lemon juice. The tanginess of lemon juice, and the crunchiness of the semi-cooked veggies excite the palate, making the Cabbage and Capsicum Subzi an ea ....
          Pyaz Wali Bhindi for Weight Loss, Diabetics, Heart
          Recipe# 5571
          01 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          healthy pyaz wali bhindi | pyaz wali bhindi recipe | okra onion sabzi | Punjabi pyaz wali bhindi | with amazing 15 images. healthy pyaz wali bhindi is a perfect l ....
          Mushroom Curry (  Cooking Under 10 Minutes)
          Recipe# 1741
          01 Oct 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Cubed mushrooms cooked in masaledar Indian style with onions, ginger, chillies, tomato puree and spice powders including the peppy garam masala! Half a cup of curd gives a creamy texture to the gravy while dry fenugreek leaves imparts a rich flavour, making the Mushroom Curry a real tongue-tickler. ....
          Aloo ki Sukhi Sabzi
          Recipe# 40784
          01 Oct 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          aloo ki sukhi sabzi recipe | aloo sabzi | sukhi aloo sabzi | dry Indian potato vegetable | dry aloo sabzi | with 15 amazing images. This aloo ....
          Methi Mutter Malai, Punjabi Methi Matar Malai Recipe
          Recipe# 275
          04 Mar 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          methi mutter malai | punjabi methi matar malai | methi matar malai | with 35 amazing images. To make methi mutter malai we add salt to fenugreek and keep it aside for 15 minutes. We squeeze ....
          Gajar Fansi
          Recipe# 22216
          22 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Carrot, a storehouse of vitamin A, combines beautifully with French beans in this simple subzi. Peanuts are used in minor quantities to not only add crunch but also vitamin B3 to this subzi, making it delectable and nutritious.
          Paneer Makhmali
          Recipe# 4320
          23 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          paneer makhmali sabzi | Punjabi paneer makhmali | paneer makhmali curry | with 20 amazing images. This aromatic paneer makhmali sabzi gets its characteristic green colour and fresh flavour ....
          Recipe# 4372
          09 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Traditional Maharashtrian and spicy, the Zunka is considered by many as a dry version of the famous pitla. It is like a curry of ginger, green chillies, garlic, onions and coriander perked up with a very flavourful tempering. Although a variety of spices are used, the curry leaves in the tempering l ....
          Achari Paneer
          Recipe# 1736
          24 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          achari paneer recipe | Punjabi achari paneer | restaurant style achari paneer | healthy achari paneer | with 19 amazing images. achari paneer recipe is also calle ....
          Methi Papad ( Gujarati Recipe)
          Recipe# 600
          21 Feb 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          methi papad recipe | methi papad nu shaak | Rajasthani methi papad | methi papad ki sabzi | with amazing 17 images. methi papad ki sabzi is a Rajasthani main cour ....
          Hari Bhaji
          Recipe# 274
          23 Sep 13

           by Tarla Dalal
          Brimful of nutrients — nothing can describe the hari bhaji better. Loaded not just with vegetables but also the abundant goodness of spinach and herbs like dill and mint, this recipe is so tasty and wholesome, you cannot wish for anything better!
          Palak Corn Subzi
          Recipe# 38854
          11 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          The palak corn subzi is a mellow preparation of nutrient-rich spinach and sweet corn. These two star ingredients complement each other well not just in flavour and texture, but in looks too. The corn kernels look like shiny pearls laid on bright green silk. , kindling one's appetite both through the ....
          Paneer Makhani ( Microwave Recipe)
          Recipe# 34565
          28 Jun 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Here is something to cook on days when you feel indulgent! paneer dipped in a spicy, onion-tomato gravy with butter and milk… this is a typically north indian route to culinary heaven.
          Creamy Cauliflower Sabzi, Malai Gobhi
          Recipe# 57
          27 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          creamy cauliflower sabzi recipe | malai gobhi | easy Indian cauliflower sabzi | 10 minutes cauliflower sabzi. creamy cauliflower sabzi recipe |
          Achari Dahi Bhindi, Punjabi  Sabji
          Recipe# 22779
          10 Jun 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          achari dahi bhindi recipe | Punjabi dahi bhindi sabji | achari dahi wali bhindi | okra in achari curd gravy | with amazing 33 images. achari dahi bhindi recipe i ....
          Corn Curry, Makai Ki Subzi Recipe
          Recipe# 1488
          23 Sep 13

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          A creamy paste of onion, coriander, coconut and poppy seeds with spicy green chillies and ginger is the focal point of the corn curry. And of course, there is soothing coconut milk and a bouquet of spices to complement the green masala. Corn Curry makes a wholesome meal together with Rotis and ....
          Mango Sasav, Mango in Coconut Curry
          Recipe# 4360
          28 Apr 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Mango in Coconut Curry is a sweet, sour and spicy dish that is popular in the Konkan region. Peeled, whole mangoes are cooked with jaggery and perked up with a mildly-spiced coconut paste. The tempering of mustard seeds and red chillies is very important to get the characteristic taste of this dish. ....
          Green Peas in Peanut Curry
          Recipe# 5702
          24 Apr 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          You would have tried cooking the ever-popular green peas in various forms, ranging from tomato to coconut based ones. Here is a strikingly flavourful preparation of green peas cooked with a paste of peanuts and onions. While cumin seeds and coriander leaves impart a tempting aroma to this dish, a da ....
          Kobi Batata Nu Shaak  ( Cabbage and Potato Vegetable)
          Recipe# 35933
          20 Apr 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          kobi batata nu shaak | Gujarati kobi batata nu shaak | aloo patta gobhi | Indian style cabbage potato vegetable | with 17 amazing images. kobi batata nu shaak is ....
          Vegetables in Coconut Curry, Karwar Style Valval Recipe
          Recipe# 34564
          22 Feb 13

           by Tarla Dalal
          Vegetables in Coconut Curry or Valval is a classic mixed vegetable preparation from the Western coastal region, where coconuts grow in plenty and are used abundantly in the cuisine. Here, an assortment of colourful and juicy veggies is flavoured simply with green chillies and cumin seeds and coo ....
          Tava Paneer, Mushroom and Green Pea Subzi
          Recipe# 22785
          06 Feb 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          This subzi is so tasty you can finish it off all by itself even without any rotis or rice! Chock-full of your favourite ingredients ranging from paneer and mushrooms to green peas and potatoes, this subzi is just too flavourful, although it is very easy to make and uses only common ingredients. ....
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