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          Quick Stir-Fries recipes

          Last Updated : Sep 23,2020

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          Quick Stir Fry Recipes, Quick Indian Vegetable Stir Fry Recipes

          Quick Indian Vegetable Stir Fry Recipes. Quick Stir Fry Recipes. Stir-fries are one category that you will enjoy making as much as you will love eating it. The flair with which the ingredients are tossed and the aroma that arises when myriad ingredients are cooked together are just awesome. In a stir-fry the veggies, sprouts and other ingredients are only moderately cooked, such that they retain their original texture and flavour.They may be dry or saucy, and often use varied sauces like soy sauce, chilli sauce and vinegar.

          French Bean and Chana Dal Stir-fryFrench Bean and Chana Dal Stir-fry

          Quick Indian Stir Fry Recipes

          While the Chinese and Thai cuisine make use of lots of sauces to make stir-fry vegetables, we Indians toss in our regular masalas to make delectable stir-fries. The best part about Indian market, is the various seasonal vegetables that flood the market at different time of the year. Cabbage Stir Fry is a popular Indian side-dish that you will generally find at weddings and special occasions.

          This is the one with a South-Indian touch given by the addition of grated coconuts while gujjus prefer combining cabbage with raw papaya to make Raw Papaya and Cabbage Stir-fry. Cabbage is low in calories, relieves constipation and also good for diabetics.

          Cabbage Stir FryCabbage Stir Fry

          Cauliflower that has lately gained popularity due to the Keto diet can also be tossed in a similar manner to make Cauliflower Stir-fry with some tang due to the addition of tomatoes. Purple Mogri Stir Fry and Masala Mogri are unique stir-fry made using radish pods.

          Few of my favorite Indian stir-fry recipes are Kabuli Chana Stir- Fry, Rajma and Palak Stir-Fry & Cabbage, Carrot and Babycorn Stir-fry.

          Paneer, Mushroom and Cashew Stir FryPaneer, Mushroom and Cashew Stir Fry

          Paneer being a popular source of protein for vegetables, it is added to many quick stir-fry recipes. It not only makes the quick Indian stir-fries nutritious but also, filling. Because of the bland taste, it pairs perfectly with an array of vegetables and condiments. Here is a list of some easy and delicious paneer stir-fry recipes :

          1. Paneer Capsicum Stir-fry

          2. Quick Corn and Paneer Subzi

          3. Paneer Khurchan

          4. Mushroom, Capsicum and Paneer Stir-fry

          Quick Corn and Paneer SubziQuick Corn and Paneer Subzi

          During Winters, when the markets are brimming with fresh snow peas, toss some along with soy sauce & bean sprouts to make a quick and healthy Sautéed Snow Peas and Bean Sprouts. French Beans and Chana Dal Stir-Fry is especially beneficial for diabetics as the fiber present in French beans binds the glucose and slows down its absorption thereby preventing a quick rise in blood sugar levels.

          Oriental Stir-fry Recipes

          Not all stir-fries are healthy, you can toss in rice or noodles with crunchy vegetables in some! Oriental delights like with Veg Hakka Noodles Sprouts and Peanuts or Stir Fry Noodles can be made and relished for lunch or dinner. They taste amazing as it is but, if you like you can cook a delectable Chinese gravy that would accompany it.

          Malaysian NoodlesMalaysian Noodles

          You can even make Schezuan Style Stir Fried Vegetables, the fiery sauce along with a myriad of vegetables has some rally tongue-tickling flavours. People who can’t handle so much heat can simply make Vegetables Sautéed with Butter with a seasoning of salt or Chinese Stir- Fried Vegetables with a hint of soy sauce. Below are some quick Chinese stir-fry recipes that you can whip up in no time :

          1. Garlicky Spinach

          2. Brussels Sprouts and Spring Onion Stir-fry

          3. Potato, Mushroom and Capsicum Stir Fry

          Add fun to your day by adding a stir-fry to one of the meals. Enjoy our Quick Indian Vegetable Stir Fry Recipes. Quick Stir Fry Recipes and other quick recipe articles below.

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          Spicy Stir Fried Baby Corn
          Recipe# 3521
          02 Sep 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Stir frying is a very popular method of cooking food that originated in China. It is a nutritious and convenient way of cooking as it makes use of minimal oil. The short cooking time makes the vegetables more succulent and preserves their texture and natural flavours while preventing the loss o ....
          Paneer Capsicum Stir-fry
          Recipe# 37774
          24 Sep 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Paneer capsicum stir-fry, a great combination of paneer and capsicum stir fried with other vegetables and Indian herbs to give that special taste. Worth a try !
          Thai Green Curry, Veg Thai Green Curry
          Recipe# 470
          25 Aug 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Thai green curry recipe | Indian style Thai green curry | veg Thai green curry | with 24 amazing images. We present you the Vegetarian Thai Green Curry which is traditionally a non veg Tha ....
          Mixed Vegetables with Sesame Seeds
          Recipe# 5720
          15 Aug 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Sesame seeds is an ingredient that is so aromatic and flavourful that it is used in almost every cuisine, in some form or the other! In this delicious preparation of Mixed Vegetables with Sesame Seeds, it has a pervasive influence, which stands out over other strongly flavoured ingredients like soy ....
          Broccoli and Baby Corn Stir-fry
          Recipe# 324
          23 Sep 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          broccoli and baby corn stir-fry recipe | broccoli baby corn vegetable | 10 minute stir-fry recipe | Indian baby corn stir fry is probably one of the fastest cooking dishes and very deliciou ....
          Broccoli, Spinach and Zucchini Stir- Fry
          Recipe# 7451
          26 Jul 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          A creative way to include nutritious veggies into your diet, the Broccoli, Spinach and Zucchini Stir-Fry is a treat for your taste buds, with a burst of colours and herby flavours. The combination of vegetables like broccoli, spinach and zucchini with other crunchy delights like cabbage and capsicum ....
          Quick Stir Fry Cauliflower
          Recipe# 40585
          12 Jun 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Indian cauliflower stir fry recipe | 15 minute cauliflower stir fry | healthy cauliflower stir fry | low carb cauliflower stir fry | with 11 amazing images. Indian cauli ....
          Malaysian Noodles
          Recipe# 22763
          31 May 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          Crushed peanuts and paneer mingle with crunchy and colourful vegetables to turn perfectly cooked flat noodles into an exotic treat for your taste buds. A thrilling culinary adventure, the Malaysian Noodles is further enhanced with flavourful additions like garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice and a crunch ....
          Quick Corn and Paneer Subzi
          Recipe# 37771
          03 May 19

          by Tarla Dalal
          The ever-favourite combination of corn and paneer is cooked into a finger-licking subzi, all in a jiffy, with the support of everyday veggies and readily available spice powders! The choice of veggies used in this recipe is such that they cook readily when sautéed without requiring pressure-cooking ....
          Raw Papaya and Cabbage Stir-fry
          Recipe# 7447
          12 Apr 15

          by Tarla Dalal
          A low calorie, low sodium stir-fry to suit the Indian palate! Grated raw papaya, shredded cabbage and thinly sliced capsicum emerge as a perfect team in this recipe, complementing each other in looks, flavour and texture. Flavoured with a traditional tempering, the lip-smacking Raw Papaya and Cabbag ....
          Mushroom, Capsicum and Paneer Stir-fry
          Recipe# 7450
          25 Jul 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Vitamin C and fibre abound in this healthy rendition of the all-time Chinese favourite. This aromatic and flavourful stir-fry is not only healthy but also easy to prepare. While it does take some time to chop and prepare the ingredients, the cooking time is very less, making it a relatively quick di ....
          Sautéed Snow Peas and Bean Sprouts
          Recipe# 1727
          21 Feb 12

          by Tarla Dalal
          Snow peas, cooked the right way, has a beautiful mildly-sweet flavour and succulent texture. Make an amazing dish of sautéed snow peas and bean sprouts, perked up with soy sauce, sesame seeds and other ingredients that give a strong flavour to the mild veggie. The snow peas are blanched in b ....
          Cabbage Stir Fry
          Recipe# 38898
          24 Jun 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          Here’s an everyday recipe that your whole family will love. Flavoured with a simple tempering of cumin seeds and green chillies, this Cabbage Stir-Fry gets a nice South Indian touch from the addition of grated coconut. The pleasant but appetising flavour ....
          Purple Mogri Stir Fry
          Recipe# 42279
          07 Feb 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          The vibrant colour and mouth-watering flavour of mogri is sure to delight every diner! An exclusive winter vegetable, you must not miss out on mogri when it is in season. It can be enjoyed in many forms like raitas, subzis and stir-fries. Perked up with a simple tempering of mustard seeds and as ....
          Honeyed Noodles with Vanilla Ice-cream
          Recipe# 4171
          16 May 15

           by Tarla Dalal
          Round up your meal with this lip-smacking dessert. Crispy fried noodles drizzled with honey is a hot and cold combination when served with a nice dollop of vanilla ice-cream. Even your kids will love the noodles. Traditionally this dish is called "darsaan".
          Cauliflower Stir-fry
          Recipe# 22677
          07 Feb 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          As soon as you taste this Cauliflower Stir-Fry, you are sure to wonder how a sober vegetable turned into such an exciting ingredient! The magic is all thanks to the classic flavour bestowed by kasuri methi, with a little help from tomatoes and coriander too. You are sure to notice the presence of co ....
          Vegetables Sautéed with Butter
          Recipe# 41993
          14 Aug 17

          by Tarla Dalal
          Discover the magic of simplicity in this yummy recipe! A simple and soulful dish, Vegetables Sautéed with Butter has a very pleasant and comforting taste. Yet, in some ways, the buttery taste gives it a rich feel, while the black pepper gives it just the right note of spiciness. Ready in a jiffy ....
          Schezuan Style Stir Fried Vegetables
          Recipe# 4191
          16 May 15

           by Tarla Dalal
          Quick and easy, but typically Chinese, the Schezuan Style Stir-Fried Vegetables features an assortment of crunchy veggies ranging from baby corn and broccoli to cabbage and spring onions, stir-fried with Schezuan sauce and red chillies, and thickened with cornflour. One thing to note here is that th ....
          Zucchini Stir- Fry
          Recipe# 37327
          10 Oct 14

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          ‘Minimal ingredients but maximum flavour’ – that is the mantra this recipe follows! By virtue of using everyday ingredients and simple but appropriate cooking methods to draw out the best aroma and flavour, the yummy, cheesy Zucchini Stir-Fry is bound to become everybody’s favourite. Take care to gr ....
          Potato, Mushroom and Capsicum Stir Fry
          Recipe# 1732
          08 Feb 19

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          A classic Oriental treat for your taste buds, the Potato, Mushroom and Capsicum Stir-Fry is made quickly and easily with readily available ingredients. Remember to cook the potatoes only till they are 80 per cent done, otherwise they will turn into a mash by the time the recipe is done! Done ....
          Stir Fried Cabbage with Schezuan Peppers
          Recipe# 4151
          16 May 15

           by Tarla Dalal
          Schezuan peppercorns are known as Tirphal in Marathi and can be found at local baniya shops. It is used extensively in Goan cooking and along the Southern coast. They are also used in Chinese cooking and in this dish, they add more flavour to cabbage which is otherwise a bland vegetable.
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