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          Healthy Veg Soups recipes

          Last Updated : Oct 21,2020

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          60 Healthy Veg Soup Recipes, Easy Indian Vegetable Soups 

          Healthy Veg Soup Recipes, Easy Indian Vegetable Soups.  Healthy Soup are chock-full of nutrients if cooked wisely with quality ingredients and smart cooking techniques. Healthy Soups can be a welcome addition to the meal, when veggies are added to it. It becomes a tasty way for your family to top up on nutrients like vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, calcium and so on.

           Garlicky Beetroot SoupGarlicky Beetroot Soup

          You can find many Healthy Soup Recipes like Nourishing Barley Soup, Vegetable Broth with Yeast Marmite and Strength Shorba recipe below.

          Strength Shorba, Bombay Curry Soup with SpinachStrength Shorba, Bombay Curry Soup with Spinach

          Indian Vegetable Healthy Soups

          Some of my favourite Indian healthy veg soups are

          1. Masoor Dal Paneer Soup,

          2. Whey Soup

          3. Moong Soup which are protein rich.

          4. For carrot lovers we have Gajjar Soup which is excellent for the eyes as it provides vitamin A.

          5. Another calcium rich healthy soup for spinach lovers is Spinach Paneer and Dal Soup.

           Nourishing Moong Soup ( Weight Loss After Pregnancy )Nourishing Moong Soup ( Weight Loss After Pregnancy )

          South Indian healthy soups

          1. For South Indians we have the Garlic Rasam which not only aids in digestion but also, helps relieve cold.

          2. Tomato Shorba a popular soup on restaurant menus is heartwarming. This soup is thick and luscious with the goodness of coconut in it. 

          Whey Soup ( Calcium Rich Recipe )Whey Soup ( Calcium Rich Recipe )

          8 ideas to make Healthy Soup Recipes.

          1. Avoid cornflour as it raises your blood sugar levels.

          2. Avoid potatoes as it shuts down the fat burning process

          3. Avoid Maida and substitute with whole wheat flour. 

          4. Avoid sugar as it causes inflammation in the body.

          5. Use fresh vegetables.

          6. Don't use excess salt as it can lead to high blood pressure.

          7. Don't use cheese slices as they are processed and not healthy.

          8. Use Coconut Milk as it’s an excellent medium chain triglyceride with healthy fat.

          Clear Healthy Soup Recipes

          Everyone loves clear soups. There is no cornflour used in these clear healthy soups. Cornflour is full of calories and carbs like refined sugar, thus a barrier to weight reduction. Those on weight loss diet must definitely not reach out for it.

          1. Chinese Clear Veg Soup uses stir fried vegetables in the soup.

          2. When you have cold or cough, then Mixed Veg Clear Soup is a great option. With an assortment of vegetables and condiments like soy sauce and vinegar you can quickly whip up amazing varieties of soups.

          Chinese Clear Vegetable Soup ( Low Calorie Healthy Cooking)Chinese Clear Vegetable Soup ( Low Calorie Healthy Cooking)

          3. A good nourishing healthy chunky soup with the goodness of Broccoli is Broccoli Broth.

          Broccoli Broth ( Healthy Soups and Salads Recipe)Broccoli Broth

          One meal healthy veg soups

          On days when you wish to make the soup your meal, try sumptuous options with pulses and dals like the

          1. Garlicky Lentil and Tomato Soup,

          2. Mixed Sprouts and Barley Soup These will give you energy and keep your spirits up till the next meal.

           Garlicky Lentil and Tomato SoupGarlicky Lentil and Tomato Soup

          3. To keep that bowl healthy, make sure that you do not add any fat-laden ingredients like cream, butter or cheese. These do not do much good but add on to your weight. Instead, flavor your soups with a variety of fresh and dried herbs like in the case of this Minty Vegetable and Oats Soup.

           Minty Vegetable and Oats SoupMinty Vegetable and Oats Soup

          Check other low cal soups and healthy quick soup and let your soup speak of your commitment to good health! There is the nourishing barley soup which is a healthy and only 61 calories. There are times you want a thick creamy soup made of Mushrooms or Pumpkin which are tasty and healthy.

          Nourishing Barley SoupNourishing Barley Soup

          Soup Accompaniments

          Accompaniments served with soup delight the diner just as a surprise delights a kid! Small chunks of toasted bread, which can be used to garnish the soup, or larger treats like bread sticks, which you can dip-and-munch, add a bite to the soup and make them more interesting. Here are four of my favorite healthy soup accompaniments that you must try making at home.

          1. Whole Wheat Toasted Croutons

          2. Whole Wheat Masala Bread Rolls

          3. Homemade Whole Wheat Bread Sticks

          4. Whole Wheat Bread Rolls

          Homemade Whole Wheat Bread SticksHomemade Whole Wheat Bread Sticks

          5 interesting Healthy Soup Recipe articles are given on our website. Do check them!

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          2. Healthy Clear Soups (16 recipes)

          3. Healthy Jhat-pat Soup (17 recipes)

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          5. Healthy Thick Creamy Soups (22 recipes)

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          Thai Vegetable Soup ( Healthy Soups and Salads Recipe)
          Recipe# 4621
          05 Feb 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          A light lemongrass flavoured Thai Vegetable Soup is packed with a wealth of all B-complex vitamins. Try to incorporate this soup in your diet to enjoy the benefits of B-complex vitamins which are required for the metabolism of other major nutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fat.
          Drumstick  Soup, Veg Drumstick Soup
          Recipe# 40635
          12 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          drumstick soup recipe | veg drumstick soup | saijan ki phalli soup | healthy drumstick soup | with 15 amazing images. This fabulous drumstick soup recipe with th ....
          Garlicky Beetroot Soup
          Recipe# 40039
          22 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          This soup is sure to win your heart with its lovely colour, irresistible creaminess and zesty flavour. In fact, the Garlicky This soup is sure to win your heart with its lovely colour, irresistible creaminess and zesty flavour. In fact, the Garlicky Beetroot Soup, despite not using potatoes or cream ....
          Nutritious Pumpkin Carrot Soup
          Recipe# 22310
          17 Feb 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          pumpkin carrot soup | Indian style pumpkin carrot soup | healthy kaddu gajar soup in pressure cooker | with 16 amazing images. Our pumpkin carrot soup is an Indian styl ....
          Garlicky Lentil and Tomato Soup
          Recipe# 32986
          25 Aug 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          This unusual soup has been prepared from masoor dal, which is known for being rich in protein and zinc. Tomatoes give it a lovely red tinge whereas onions and garlic impart an enticing aroma. I’ve blended this soup to give it a nice creamy texture without actually adding cream! It’s a great soup, wh ....
          Carrot Soup, Gajar Soup Recipe
          Recipe# 1340
          15 Aug 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          This mildly-flavoured zero oil Carrot Soup is an ideal start to a light dinner. Carrots have a large amount of vitamin A, an excellent antioxidant that cleanses your body of free-radicals. Prepared with low-fat milk, this soup features surprisingl ....
          Minty Vegetable and Oats Soup
          Recipe# 39182
          01 Aug 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          Want to have a quick and light meal? this soup can do the trick! Minty Vegetable and Oats Soup is a fibre-rich soup that is very filling while also aiding in weight loss. Vegetable stock and the horde of chopped vegetables brings in a whole gamut of nutrients to this soup, while mint, chillies, ging ....
          Mein Chow Soup
          Recipe# 3527
          26 Nov 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          The abundance of intensely flavoured fresh vegetables makes this soup rich, tasty and extremely satisfying without the use of too much oil. Oats have been added to thicken the soup as well as to add fibre to your diet. I find this soup an excellent remedy for a cold .... a hot bowlful usually chase ....
          Moong Soup
          Recipe# 7436
          29 Jun 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          moong soup recipe | whole green moong dal soup | healthy diabetic moong soup | with 15 amazing images This old-fashioned moong soup recipe is sure to bring back memories of momma’s loving c ....
          Lemon and Coriander Soup ( Vitamin C Rich)
          Recipe# 4622
          17 Oct 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          lemon and coriander soup recipe | healthy lemon coriander soup | lemon coriander vitamin c rich soup | with 25 amazing images. The best way to live a fit and happy life despite this daily inconvenience, is to boost y ....
          Creamy Onion, Spinach and Carrot Soup
          Recipe# 4206
          10 Jun 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Rich and luscious, this soup is a treat to the palate! What makes Creamy Onion, Spinach and Carrot Soup marvelous is the combination of nutrients like vitamins A, E, and iron. The protein in milk works hand-in-hand with the vitamin A to further boost your vision. Enjoy this delicious Creamy On ....
          Tomato Shorba (  Desi Khana)
          Recipe# 1455
          23 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          tomato shorba recipe | tomato and coconut milk soup | healthy tomato shorba | with 20 amazing images. tomato shorba is a tangy soup made from tomatoes and coconut milk, mildly spiced with c ....
          Broccoli Broth, Healthy Clear Broccoli Carrot Soup
          Recipe# 4623
          07 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          broccoli broth | healthy veg clear broccoli carrot soup | veg broccoli carrot broth | with 12 amazing images. This Indian Broccoli Broth recipe shows you how to make a soothing
          Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup
          Recipe# 4203
          28 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          mixed vegetable clear soup recipe | veg clear soup | healthy Indian veg clear soup | remedy for cold | with 18 amazing images. Sometimes cold and cough can get into your head and make you s ....
          Carrot Onion Soup
          Recipe# 22228
          16 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          carrot onion soup recipe | healthy onion carrot soup | spiced onion carrot soup | Indian onion carrot soup with herbs | with 20 amazing images. Carrot Onion Soup ....
          Pumpkin Soup, Low Calorie Soup
          Recipe# 32987
          25 Aug 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          pumpkin soup | kaddu ka soup | bhopla soup | Indian pumpkin soup | low calorie pumpkin soup | with 15 amazing images. This Indian pumpkin soup ....
          Masoor Dal and Paneer Soup
          Recipe# 4631

          by Tarla Dalal
          masoor dal and paneer soup recipe | masoor dal soup for weight loss | healthy dal paneer soup | masoor dal and paneer soup is a hot nourishing bowl which is sure to tantalise your taste bu ....
          Spinach, Mushroom and Carrot Clear Soup
          Recipe# 298
          07 Sep 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          The Spinach, Mushroom and Carrot Clear Soup is a dynamic treat, which reverberates with strong flavours and crisp textures. The spinach and mushroom are intentionally sautéed on a high flame, in order to retain their crunchiness even after adding to the soup. While this guarantees an amazing ....
          Zucchini and Carrot Clear Soup
          Recipe# 22591
          28 Aug 19

          by Tarla Dalal
          Well now this is not the usual vegetable soup that you make often for your family. The way of preparation remains unchanged but ingredients used are quite different. Vegetables used are only zucchini and carrots while the baharat powder completely alters the taste of this soup.
          Mixed Sprouts and Mint Soup
          Recipe# 41199
          20 Aug 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Eating small and frequent meals is a handy technique to keep acidity at bay. But then, you are always left wondering what to have in between the regular meals. This Mixed Sprouts and Mint Soup is an excellent choice. It is a nutritious soupy snack that can be enjoyed between meals, but it may al ....
          Low Cal Tomato Soup
          Recipe# 4056
          11 Jun 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          low cal tomato soup recipe | Indian style low cal tomato soup | low cal tomato soup with low fat milk | with 15 amazing images. low cal tomato soup recipe is a perfect low-calorie substitut ....
          Hearty Red Lentil Soup, Healthy Masoor Dal Soup
          Recipe# 22229
          01 Apr 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          There is an unmistakable Turkish influence in this soup. Made with the humble red lentil, this soup is so wholesome and satiating, it can double up as a one-dish meal on days when you feel tired and need a bit of pampering and soul-warming! Lenti ....
          Paneer and Spinach Soup
          Recipe# 1457
          06 Oct 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          The protein-packed paneer and spinach soup is a meal in a bowl! generous use of moong dal, paneer and spinach make it extremely nourishing and filling, while the onion and pepper bring in their soothing yet sharp flavours.
          Oats and Vegetable Broth
          Recipe# 7440
          12 Apr 15

          by Tarla Dalal
          A toothsome broth of sautéed vegetables and oats cooked simply with water, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Comforting and sumptuous, this Oats and Vegetable Broth is very nutritious too. The vegetables provide an abundant supply of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that reduces free-radical damag ....
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