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          Pregnancy recipes

          Last Updated : Oct 21,2020

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          Pregnancy Recipes, Indian Pregnancy Diet, Healthy Pregnancy Food

          pregnancy recipes. Indian pregnancy recipe collection. The joy and excitement of bringing a new life into this world is not only pleasurable but also demands a lot of responsibility. You should be ready to accept it as a challenge by maintaining a healthy diet so as to nurture the new life growing within you. All that you eat before and during the pregnancy is largely responsible for not only your health, but your baby’s too! Here’s a well-researched section on vegetarian foods and recipes for a mum-to-be.

          A woman who is well nourished before conception (pre-conception) begins her pregnancy with reserves of essential nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, fibre and folic acid along with other vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B Complex and vitamin C to meet the needs of a growing fetus. And she needs to continue to have a constant intake of these nutrients throughout the nine months of gestation too.

          The different sections in this category are for the various stages of your pregnancy keeping in mind your special nutritional requirements for each trimester starting from first trimester to second trimester and finally the third trimester right till the time of lactation. As you travel through each of the 3 trimesters, some women experience certain discomforts like morning sickness, edema, acidity etc. Read ahead in the sections here to find ways and recipes to ease these situations too.

          Sit back, turn through the various sections here, clarify your doubts and ease all your nutritional worries. After all, being pregnant is one of the greatest joys of all. However remember every pregnancy is different and your gynecologist is your best companion through these precious nine months.

          From breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to snacks, salads and desserts recipes we have it all. Moreover, we have various sections of recipes that are rich in specific nutrients required in increased amounts during pregnancy like Protein, Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid etc.

          Pregnancy Recipes, Iron Rich Foods

          Spinach Tahini WrapsSpinach Tahini Wraps

          We have iron rich sweets recipe like

          1. Anjeer and Mixed Nut Barfi that is super quick to make and is also amazingly healthy.

          2. Breakfast recipes like Spinach Dosa and Stuffed Bajra Roti can be relished in the mornings and give your day a healthy start.

          3. Make subzi’s such as Palak, Methi and Corn Subzi for lunch and top up your iron stores and is also a rich source of other nutrients like Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Calcium all essential during pregnancy.

          4. Comfort foods like Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookies are great when one get those cravings in between meals and are healthier than store bought cookies because these are made with oats and whole wheat flour.

          Pregnancy Recipes, Calcium Rich Foods

          Herbed Paneer ParathaHerbed Paneer Paratha

          1. Give a perfect start to your day with this Strawberry Chickoo Shake when you’re too tired to cook and need instant energy. It is a recipe that has natural sweetness from strawberries and is a perfect milkshake to keep heartburn at bay.

          2. Here is a recipe of a creamy soup called Celery Soup to perk you up even on a gloomy day. With no corn-flour or cream added it still is creamy due to the wholesome milk which gives it a rich flavour.

          3. Paneer and Tomato in Green Gravy is a sumptuous gravy and looks really tempting. A perfect combination of paneer, tomatoes and curds in green masala which makes it rich in Calcium, Beta Carotene and Phosphorus.

          4. Methi Palak Dhoklas

          5.  Maharashtrian Patal Bhaji

          6.  Nachni Sesame Khakhra

          First trimester Indian pregnancy recipes

          It is recommended to consume about 6-7 servings of cereals per day for first trimester Indian pregnancy recipes. Cereals provide you the necessary energy which is required in increased amounts during pregnancy. They also provide fibre which will keep constipation at bay.

          1.  Buckwheat Dhoklas for breakfast and

          2. Jowar Bajra Spring Onion Roti for Main Course.

          3.  Oats Methi MuthiaBajra Carrot and Onion Uttapa and 

          4. Vegetable Barley Soup are a few more examples you can venture in your own kitchen to fulfil your nutritional needs.

          pregnancy rotis and paratha recipes

          pregnancy rotis and paratha recipes are flat Indian breads which are cooked in every households as a daily fare

          1. Jowar roti is super rich in fibre, is gluten free, good for diabetics, high in magnesium and iron also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. 

          2. Oats roti is an easy simple recipe to make. To whole wheat flour we add oats, onions, green chillies and coriander to make the dough for oats chapatti. Then the oats chapatti is cooked on a non stick tava.

          Weight loss after pregnancy

          Another section that we have in our pregnancy recipes is weight loss after pregnancy.

          Nourishing Barley SoupNourishing Barley Soup

          It is necessary to shed those extra kilos that a woman gains during pregnancy. However, one should not start a weight loss program immediately after pregnancy. Since the baby is breastfeeding, you cannot compromise on your food intake by cutting down on your diet, nor can you immediately start off on rigorous exercise. The weight loss regimen must begin in a slow and phased manner. Once you start you can enjoy weight loss recipes like

          1. Palak Methi Muthia

          2.  Nourishing Moong Soup,

          3. Dal Pandoli


          Enjoy our collection of  pregnancy recipes and related pregnancy articles below.

          Preconception Recipes

          Pregnancy Breakfast Recipes

          Pregnancy Rotis, Parathas Recipes

          Pregnancy Dals and Vegetables Recipes

          Pregnancy Vitamin A Rich Recipes

          First trimester Indian pregnancy recipes

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          Chawli Masoor Dal
          Recipe# 22446

           by Tarla Dalal
          An all-time favourite, this recipe combines chawli leaves with wholesome masoor dal and a flavourful masala paste to make a dish that surely wins the diner’s heart! Apart from the irresistible taste, there are many more reasons that make the Chawli Masoor Dal a must-have, especially during pregnancy ....
          Spinach Tahini Wraps ( Nutritious Recipe for Pregnancy)
          Recipe# 22444
          20 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          spinach tahini wrap recipe | healthy spinach wrap Indian style | spinach wrap with tahini spread | healthy spinach roll | healthy recipe for pregnancy |
          Thai Vegetable Soup ( Healthy Soups and Salads Recipe)
          Recipe# 4621
          05 Feb 19

           by Tarla Dalal
          A light lemongrass flavoured Thai Vegetable Soup is packed with a wealth of all B-complex vitamins. Try to incorporate this soup in your diet to enjoy the benefits of B-complex vitamins which are required for the metabolism of other major nutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fat.
          Paneer Tamatar Paratha
          Recipe# 32997

           by Tarla Dalal
          paneer tamatar paratha recipe | healthy tomato paneer paratha | stuffed tomato paratha | paneer tamatar paratha is an interesting variation of the paneer paratha with the zest and tang of t ....
          Methi Koftas in Kadhi, Veg Methi Kofta Curry
          Recipe# 22373
          12 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Easy to make but superlatively delicious, this kadhi plays perfect host to delectable, non-fried, methi-flavoured koftas. These unique koftas are made with flours of multiple grains, perked up with lemon juice and ginger-green chilli paste. The koftas are steamed and not deep-fried, so they will ....
          Bajra Khichdi (  Rajasthani)
          Recipe# 3894
          05 Oct 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          bajra khichdi recipe | Rajasthani bajra khichdi | healthy black millet Indian khichdi | with amazing images. When one thinks of homely food, khichdi is the first option that comes to mind. A wholesome khichdi can wa ....
          Flax Seeds with Curd and Honey, Good For Weight Loss and Fitness
          Recipe# 41113
          15 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Many of us are aware of the health benefits of flax seeds, but are at a loss how to include it in our diet. This wonder seed is a treasure trove of omega-3 fatty acids, which help stabilise cell walls and reduce inflammation. Flax also has a unique blend of soluble fibre that binds with food to opti ....
          Stir-fried Paneer, Broccoli and Baby Corn Salad
          Recipe# 36142
          03 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Sautéed in just a teaspoon of oil, this elegant salad is an excellent source of calcium thanks to the combination of paneer, broccoli and bean sprouts. The Stir-fried Broccoli, Baby Corn and Bean Sprouts Salad is like a booster dose for your bones! Onion seeds adds an Indian touch to this nutritious ....
          Tahini Dip, Lebanese Tahini Sauce
          Recipe# 22575
          16 Oct 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          tahini dip recipe | tahini sauce | how to make tahini | tahini yoghurt dip | with 17 amazing images. tahini dip recipe | tahini sauce | ....
          Walnut and Cherry Tomato Salad
          Recipe# 36139
          01 Oct 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          This tangy crunchy salad is a treat for tomato lovers. Not only it’s an excellent source of folic acid (vitamin B9) which keeps anaemia at bay, but also rich in vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B3 (Niacin) and fibre due to the addition of walnuts and sesame seeds. Walnuts are also rich in vitamin E and ....
          Carrot Cucumber and Rajma Salad in Mint Dressing
          Recipe# 4639
          01 Oct 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          carrot cucumber and rajma Salad in mint dressing recipe | vegetable salad with mint and lemon dressing | healthy weight loss vegetable salad | healthy Indian salad recipe for weight loss | wit ....
          Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi
          Recipe# 39569
          29 Sep 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Khichdi is a wonderful, versatile Indian food. It is satiating and easy to prepare, and fits perfectly into any meal, be it lunch or dinner. It also lends itself to a lot of innovation, and you can come up with varied versions with unique combinations of dals, veggies and spices. Masoor Dal and Pala ....
          Methi Leaves Sambhar
          Recipe# 5708
          28 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Sambhar is a dish that is synonymous with South Indian cooking. As it is, sambhar is very nutritious as it combines toovar dal with an assortment of vegetables. While vegetables like red pumpkin, drumsticks and bottle gourd all contribute to the nutrient content of this recipe, the bumper iron top-u ....
          Bean and Capsicum Salad ( Healthy Soups and Salads Recipe)
          Recipe# 36143
          26 Jun 19

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Protein rich rajma and chick peas tossed with roasted capsicum and Indian spices to perfection. Generously loaded with protein, fibre and other important nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin C, this salad is an all-in-one treat for healthy skin as well as strong bones, hair and teeth.
          Zucchini and Carrot Pancake
          Recipe# 38986
          23 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          Zucchini combines with carrots to make an unusual, colourful, and attractive pancake that will tickle the taste buds. Serve with ketchup or a chutney of your choice. Smaller versions can also be served as a party snack.
          Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls
          Recipe# 3559
          23 Sep 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          These rolls are a healthy version of frankies and make a complete meal by themselves. The chapatis have been made with whole wheat flour which is a good source of iron and fibre as compared to the usual plain flour (maida) rotis. The paneer and vegetable filling enriches these rolls with essential ....
          Spinach Raita
          Recipe# 1462
          17 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Spinach and curds is always a very nutritious combo, making this raita a must-have. Traces of pepper and sugar make the spinach raita tastier, while the green chillies add a bit of fire to an otherwise bland raita. Steaming the spinach not only makes mixing easier, it also becomes a bit easy on the ....
          Multigrain Roti, Healthy Multigrain Chapati
          Recipe# 38746
          16 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          multigrain roti |mix 5 flour roti | healthy multigrain chapati | with 25 amazing images. Multigrain roti is made with 5 nutritious flours that provide iron, protein, fiber and vitamin b. We ....
          Vitamin Khichdi ( Protein Rich Recipe )
          Recipe# 35066
          23 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          This dish is one meal but multi-nutrient! it is packed with vitamins and proteins that are found in abundance in paneer, moong sprouts and dalia. The veggies, masala and curd ensure that you have a delicious, and healthy meal.
          Baby Spinach and Apple Salad in Curd Lemon Dressing, Healthy
          Recipe# 36141
          28 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Iron-rich baby spinach is teamed with apples for extra crunch and a little sweetness, in this simple but awesome salad. Drowned in a tongue-tickling Curd Lemon Dressing, the duo transforms into an exotic delicacy. The dressing is bursting with tangy and h ....
          Pumpkin Dry Vegetable
          Recipe# 22215
          04 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Pumpkin is a wonder vegetable – but sadly, its health benefits are not known to many. Red pumpkin contains a horde of valuable nutrients like fiber, folic acid and vitamin A , while also being low in calories. That makes it doubly desirable! L ....
          Paneer Kheer (  Diabetic Recipe)
          Recipe# 7471
          12 Sep 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          Satisfy your sweet tooth with this cardamom-flavoured low-fat Paneer Kheer. By replacing traditional sweeteners with sugar substitute, and by doing away with unhealthy thickeners, we ward off those unnecessary carbohydrates and calories too. So, you can enjoy the rich texture and wonderful flavour o ....
          Eggless Caramel Custard
          Recipe# 2998
          30 Aug 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          This custard is a good alternative for those who hate drinking plain milk. It is a light and tasty pudding with a good amount of calcium, energy and protein.
          Moong Dal and Spinach Idli
          Recipe# 38991
          29 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          Eliminating rice reduces the calorie count of these spinach idlis, making them suitable for diabetics as well. The same moong dal batter can also be used to make healthy pankis and pancakes.
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          My Gynecologist, Dr. Nupur Gupta http://www.wellwomanclinic.in advised me greek yogurt with pepita seeds, bananas with peenut butter, and steemed veggies with garlic as my lunch staples. I have been taking beano before eating my veggies which seems to help. For breakfast i love oatmeal with an egg and Ezekiel toast(sprouted grain which is easier for my system)
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