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          Deep Fry recipes

          Last Updated : Sep 18,2019

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          Deep Fry Recipes, Deep Fried Indian Veg Recipes.

          Deep Fry Recipes, Deep Fried Indian Veg Recipes.Deep frying is a method of cooking. In this method, the food item is submerged into hot oil and is cooked. Generally the process of deep frying cooks the food faster. There are a lot of Indian dishes that are prepared with the method of deep-frying.

          Moong Dal KachoriMoong Dal Kachori

          Deep frying gives crunchiness to the food. Cooking is a workmanship and requires a lot of technique to plan and prepare an excellent recipe. The surface of final item to a great extent relies on the technique for cooking.

          Aside from Deep Frying, there are many cooking methods like Baking, Boiling, Grilling, Steaming and so on.

          Dal Vada, South Indian Chana Dal Vada, Masala Vada

          Dal Vada, South Indian Chana Dal Vada, Masala Vada

          Always keep the fried food on the absorbent paper as it would absorb the excessive oil. Try consuming Deep Fried food immediately after cooking because they generally turn soggy if kept for a longer period of time.

          The Indian Fried Food is further categorized as follows :

          Indian Fried Food (Starter or Snacks)

          Starters are small dishes served at the start of the meal. They increase the appetite that’s why are served at the start of the meal. There are a lot of Indians starters and snacks that are made with the process of deep frying. The very famous Mumbai Vada Pav, Sindhi Special Dal Pakwaan, Rajasthani Dal Bhati Churma, Streetfood dish Dahi Kachori Chaat, South Indian Snack Medu Vada and Bhaji Pav are few of the dishes that are prepared with the Deep frying method.

          Dal Pakwan, Sindhi Dal Pakwan Breakfast Recipe

          Dal Pakwan, Sindhi Dal Pakwan Breakfast Recipe

          Indian Fried Food (Subzi)

          Vegetable or Subzi is the main course of Indian cuisine. There might be vegetables, paneer or kofta’s that would be fried and added to the indian gravy dish. Dodhi Kofta Curry, Chips Bateta Nu Shaak, Kadhai Paneer etc are some Indian subzi made by the process of deep frying.

          Batata Chips Nu ShaakBatata Chips Nu Shaak

          Deep Fried Indian (Breads)

          Indian deep fried breads are had with any gravy dish. The few Indian Fried breads are Bhatura which is had with chole this combination is from Punjab, Luchhi from Bengal, Puri’s from Gujarat and Maharashtra. There are too many variations made with puri’s and different types and colours of puri’s are made.

          Luchi ( Bengali Puri)Luchi ( Bengali Puri)

          Deep Fried Indian (Street Food)

          Street food is food that is sold by a vendor or a hawker, the hawker would have a small stall in a public place or on a street where he would be selling food. It is economical as well, so everyone can afford to get it.

          Khaugallis are an integral part of Mumbai. For the uninitiated, in Marathi, khau means treat and galli means a small lane. They have a large variation of every dish, each prepared more temptingly than the other. Those who have not tasted this, fussing about hygiene and nutritive value, have really missed something good in life

          Vada Pav, Mumbai Roadside Recipe

          Vada Pav, Mumbai Roadside Recipe

          Like most things, street food in Mumbai has also undergone changes. For ages, it was ruled by the vada pav, along with the standard cutting chai and bun maska, bhel accommodated variations such as Chinese bhel. New wonders like Frankies and khichai papad found a place on the streets of Mumbai

          Chole Samosa ChaatChole Samosa Chaat

          Street Food from delhi, when in Delhi do as the Delhiites do. Savour on some piping hot bhature with optimally spiced chole and pickled salad.

          Delhiites love their chaat. Baby potatoes are combined with onions and tomatoes, as well as peppy chaat masala and tangy lemon juice to make flavourful Aloo Chaat. Apart from this crispy aloo tikki chat, chunky fruit chaat and aloo ke kulle are other famous dishes.

          Aloo Chaat

          Aloo Chaat

          It is not all about savoury food. Hot Jalebi deep fried in pure ghee makes an irresistible dessert. Kulfi, phirni, Daulat ki chaat are equally tempting

          Jalebi, Recipe For Jalebi, Homemade JalebiJalebi, Recipe For Jalebi, Homemade Jalebi

          Enjoy our Deep Fry Recipes, Deep Fried Indian Veg Recipes below.

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          Farali Pattice ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )
          Recipe# 33440

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          farali pattice | farali aloo pattice | Mumbai roadside farali pattice | with 29 amazing pictures. Who says a person cannot feast when fasting! Faral means ....
          Achari Baingan
          Recipe# 30888
          05 Oct 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          This is one of the most delicious methods of cooking brinjal or Baingan. The achaaris masala is very popular in Punjabi cooking and contrary to popular belief does not use any actual achaar or pickle. It is a flavourful blend of carefully chosen spices and curds. The achaaris masala is truly represe ....
          Honey Chilli Potatoes, Potatoes in Honey Chill Sauce
          Recipe# 40642
          26 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Everything about this starter is peppy – from the potato fingers to the sauce. Unlike many recipes, which derive the flavour mainly from the sauce and seasonings, here the potatoes perked up with garlic and chilli powder, even before deep-frying, to make sure that the flavour seeps in right to the c ....
          Layered Bread Kofta Biryani
          Recipe# 6484
          24 Sep 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          The koftas seem simple, featuring just bread and onions with a few binding and flavouring agents. However, you will be amazed to see that the crunch and flavour of this kofta is the highlight of the Layered Bread Kofta Biryani. Here, rice is topped with a tangy gravy of curds, tomatoes and green pea ....
          Beetroot Puri
          Recipe# 40858
          21 Sep 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          The Beetroot Puri is an attractive snack with a fabulous flavour and beautiful colour. The dough of whole wheat flour and beetroot puree has a pleasantly sweet flavour, which is complemented by spice powders that add shades of spice while also highlighting the sweetness at the same time. Take ....
          Sabudana Vada ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )
          Recipe# 33443
          19 Oct 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Sabudana vada, traditionally an ingredient used during fasts, sabudana is a favourite amongst maharashtrians. It lends itself to such lovely recipes, such as these vadas! the crunchy peanuts that punctuate every bite are something i look forward to in the vada!
          Khichdi Pakodas
          Recipe# 36101
          25 Aug 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Well, nobody would ever be able to guess that this delicacy is made from leftover khichdi! So crispy outside and so delectably chewy inside, this flavourful treat is made by reinforcing moong dal khichdi with besan and a few aroma and flavour enhancers like sesame seeds and coriander, shaping this ‘ ....
          Malai Kofta (subzi)
          Recipe# 22418
          16 Aug 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Amazingly tasty vegetable kofta, with an extra dose of goodness-thanks to the addition of soya granules. Potatoes and tofu add mass to the dish, even as they bind the rest of the ingredients together. If you are calorie-conscious, you could bake or steam the kofta instead of deep-frying. Kofta dishe ....
          Steamed Wontons, Veg Steamed Wonton
          Recipe# 4114
          18 Aug 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Like Modak and Parathas in India, wontons are a wonderful food in Chinese cuisine, as they provide a lot of scope for innovation. You can try your hand at making various unique fillings, and also
          Matar ki Kachori, Rajasthani Vatana Kachori, Green Peas Kachori
          Recipe# 3856
          17 Aug 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          Delicious to the core, that’s what this Matar ki Kachori is! You would never have, really, tasted a kachori with such a flavourful filling. Crushed green peas are pepped up with a rather snazzy assortment of spices, of which nigella seeds really stands out, with its prominent flavour. You will ....
          French Fries Recipe, How To Make French Fries
          Recipe# 36312
          17 Aug 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          French Fries and burgers seem to have tied the knot! It is hard to think of burgers without some form of crispy accompaniment, but of these, the common french fries are the most tried-and-test and safe combo for any type of burger. To enhan ....
          Spicy Paneer Burger  ( Burgers and Smoothies Recipe)
          Recipe# 36338
          04 Aug 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          Think spicy and our Indian masalas are sure to spring up in your mind! Yes, this cutlet features a blend of common Indian spices, ensuring a top rating by our desi taste buds. The mint chutney used in this recipe uses a good lot of onions, resulting in a very unusual flavour. When teamed with ma ....
          Samosa ( Gujarati Recipe)
          Recipe# 562
          11 Dec 19

          by Tarla Dalal
          Gujarati samosa recipe | Gujarati style vegetable samosa | samosa recipe with samosa patti | with 47 amazing pictures Rainy day and wanting to eat somethin ....
          Bread Pakora, Mumbai Bread Pakora with Aloo Stuffing
          Recipe# 33400
          16 Dec 19

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          bread pakora recipe | Mumbai style bread pakora | Punjabi bread pakora with aloo stuffing | stuffed bread pakora | with 20 amazing images. We have brought you a very famous
          Karanji Recipe, Rava Maharashtrian Karanji
          Recipe# 42216
          01 Aug 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          One of the best known traditional sweets of Maharashtra, the Karanji is a delightful treat of deep-fried plain flour shells loaded with a sweet and succulent filling of coconut, semolina, spices and nuts. As the crunchy shell gives way to the sweet stuffing, you are greeted by shades of spice, t ....
          Chilli Paneer
          Recipe# 4127
          23 Jul 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          chilli paneer recipe | restaurant style chilli paneer recipe | Indo-Chinese chilli paneer recipe | with 32 amazing images. chilli paneer is a restaurant style chilli paneer recipe which is ....
          Fried Green Chillies
          Recipe# 41078
          20 Jul 20

           by Tarla Dalal
          There are times when the humblest of ingredients rises to the limelight and displays its magic. Well, these spicy Fried Green Chillies are a perfect example. Deep-fried and seasoned with salt, this fiery accompaniment is indispensable for the success of snacks like Vad ....
          Nacho Chips
          Recipe# 2868
          14 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          nacho chips recipe | corn chips | homemade Mexican nacho chips | deep fried Indian style nacho chips | with amazing 15 pictures. Who doesn’t like nacho chips? Fr ....
          Chocolate Doughnuts
          Recipe# 40121
          14 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          If you are nuts about doughnuts, then this recipe will make you fall all the more in love with this handy treat! The doughnut is a snacky treat that crosses all age and cultural barriers. Kids like to have them with a warm glass of milk just as much as elders like to have it with a steaming cup of c ....
          Urad Dal Bonda, Ulundu Bonda
          Recipe# 32654
          11 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          urad dal bonda recipe | ulundu bonda | South Indian style urad dal bonda | minapappu punugullu | with 15 amazing images. We have got you a scrumptious urad dal bonda
          Namkeen Shakarpara
          Recipe# 40489
          11 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          ShakkarPara is one of the most popular jar snacks, in households across the country. It is known by different names but is loved by all. Since it is easy to make, it is also made in large volumes, especially during festive occasions like Diwali, when it is served along with tea to friends and family ....
          Medu Vada ( South Indian Recipe)
          Recipe# 32683
          08 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
          by Tarla Dalal
          medu vada | south indian medu vada | urad dal vada | garelu vada | uzhunnu vada | with 20 amazing images. To make medu vada, urad dal i ....
          Taco Shells
          Recipe# 39838
          11 Jul 20

            This recipe has an associated video
           by Tarla Dalal
          If you love Mexican food, then your larder has to be equipped with Taco Shells, because tacos can be a wonderfully tasty and satiating answer to hunger pangs, being loaded with beans, cheese, veggies, salsa and all your favourite fillings and toppings! Here is how you can make Taco Shells at home. A ....
          Papad Paneer Fritters (  Paneer)
          Recipe# 2899
          29 Apr 20

          by Tarla Dalal
          If you like your finger foods to be crunchy yet soft, your search ends here. With a coating of crushed papads, the Papad Paneer Fritters assure 100 per cent excitement! The soft and succulent filling too differs from standard paneer snacks as it combines garlic and tangy tomato ketchup to bring abou ....
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